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6 ways PR and marketing differ plus why they should work together

How PR differs from marketing

I'm often asked what is the difference between PR and marketing. Frequently, people consider public relations and marketing as falling under the same umbrella. However, each requires a vastly different set of skills and expertise, but both are vital to the success of brands. In an earlier post I discussed how customer service was good for PR and a brand's reputation. In this post its about how PR is beneficial for marketing.

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How improving customer service is great PR for your brand

As a mother of three children, I am not a fan of self-serve checkouts.   It’s tolerable when I’m shopping alone but when I have children with me, they all want to scan an item, often at once, take the bag off too early and cause the register to go into meltdown. The supervisor ends up standing by us continually having to rectify our mistakes.

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